1 Video Makes $150/Day

1 Video Makes $150/day


[CASE STUDY] How 1 Youtube Video Makes an Easy $150/day (Promoting a $50 Affiliate Offer) (Anyone can do it) (Newb Friendly) (No Investment Required)


How to make money with YouTube and affiliate products?

One of the easiest and fastest way to make a good chunk of money is to promote a higher priced products.

$50 per sale or higher.

And when you have an offer that converts like crazy – you have a perfect combination.

Recently we have posted a ton of case studies for advanced marketers.

But from the emails that we get daily, there are a majority of those who are just starting out and want to make at least $50-100/day.

The following case study + step by step process will be perfectly for new marketers.

You will discover the exact process behind these kind of resuls:


As you can see, you make $50 per sale.

When we show stats like this, it’s easy to become skeptical.

However, when you will see what kind of offer you will be promoting, you will change your mind.

Till now this one simple video already made well over $3,500.

And it continues to generate income even while you are reading this premium post.

As you see from the screenshot above some days are higher, some lower.

Realistically, as a newbie, you can expect $50 days (that’s 1 sale/day).

If you are an advanced affiliate and will be willing to put more work and scale up and upload more videos, you can expect your earnings to go ten fold.

The offer that you will be promoting has nothing to do with selling information or software.

And if you have been in this game for a while, you know how sometimes difficult this can be.

The offer is mainstream.

It’s been promoted all over the internet.

This is why it’s converting like crazy.

Most people already know the brand.

You can promote it anywhere you want but in this case study it was promoted through Youtube.

The traffic was completely free.

Alright, so the affiliate offer that was promoted was Host Gator Web Hosting Company.

You can sign up for their affiliate program here: https://www.hostgator.com/affiliates.

 The following step-by-step process is provided by
the case study owner himself. It’s unscripted and unedited. Enjoy!

Till now, I’ve earned $3,500 with HostGator affiliate program. On the other hand, I’ve paid less then $400 as hosting cost to HostGator. Here is a screenshot of my HostGator earnings.


If you aren’t aware about HostGator, here are some information for you. HostGator is one of the most popular web hosting companies all over the world.

It offers unlimited web hosting with top-notch support, 99.9% uptime guarantee, and 45-day money-back guarantee. It hosts  more that 9,000,000 domains.

HostGator popularity makes it easier for me to promote them. As  a happy customer of HostGator, I recommend other to buy hosting from HostGator.

It’s a win-win deal.

People get quality hosting and I get commission.

In this post, I will be talking about how to make money with HostGator affiliate program.

Why to Join HostGator Affiliate Program?

Here’s why you’ll love HostGator affiliate.

  • Free Affiliate Membership – You don’t have to have a hosting account to join affiliate. It’s open for all and free. I would suggest you to use HostGator hosting before recommending to others.
  • Make Up to $125 Per Sale – HostGator pays $50-$125 per sale. It depends on the number of your refferals. The more you refer, the higher commission you get.


  • High Conversion Rate – As I said it’s one of the most popular web hosts, conversion rate is high.
  • Easy Payment Options – You can get paid by Check or Paypal. Paypal is easier option.


How to Get Started with HostGator Affiliate

Getting started is easy and anyone can do that. Just follow these simple steps.

1. Go to HostGator.com Click on ‘Affiliates’ from upper right.

2. Then you’ll be landed on Affiliate page, click on ‘Sign Up Today!’ button.

3. Fill out your account information and click on ‘Continue’.

4. Once you’ve signed up, go to your account information and update your payment setting.

That’s it, now you are a HostGator affiliate.

How to Make Money With HostGator Affiliate Program

Here are some specific tips to generate sales from HostGator affiliate.

1. Create Custom Coupon and Promote

HostGator allows you to create custom coupon codes for your readers. If someone uses your custom coupon code while signing up, you’ll get the commission regardless of whether the user followed your affiliate link or not.

Currently you can create two types of coupon codes, one for $9.94 off for first month and another one for 25% OFF on total purchase.

Once you’ve created coupon code, start promoting it your video.

2. Promote Special Day Offers

HostGator offers crazy discounts on Special Days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, President’s day etc. You can promote those offers on your blog. As most of the time those discounts are huge, people don’t want to miss the chance.

If you can promote those offers properly, you can expect some quick sales from your videos.

Alright, so now that you know what to promote and how it was done, let’s create a video for you and hopefully duplicate our success.

Even though we never promise the exact numbers.

We will begin from the very start and cover EVERYTHING.

Basically by the end of this tutorial you will have your highly optimized video on Youtube promoting Host Gator hosting.

Chapter #1: Keyword Research


SEO is not something like “Plug and Play“.

You have to keep on learning the changing trends, while keeping a perfect track of its basic terminologies.

Very first and extremely important terminology is keyword research.

In-fact, a little more specifically I should use the word YouTube Keyword Research.

And the best way to find these keywords, is looking into YouTube Suggestions.

Because mostly views come from these suggestion, as viewers are too lazy to type in the complete keyword and end up clicking one of the suggestions.

You know what?

There are a lots of keywords which have high searches in google while very low in YouTube.

And some others are vice versa.

That’s why I said it’s Keyword Research is a little different.

Hence you need  to find perfect keywords for your video to get maximum views and 1st place ranking.


Let me show you some cool ways.

Many people will only tell you only one way that is “Auto Suggestion”.

But today, the case is a little different.

I’m going to tell you the best ways to find Perfect Keywords for your videos.

#1. YouTube Suggest

Its same like Google Search.

You just need to type a Keyword in YouTube Search and it will show you some more keywords related to your main keyword.

Just type in a keyword in YouTube search and it will show you more related to your main keyword.

Even though this tutorial is how to promote HostGator, I will use “tie a tie” as an example.


To avoid competition.

So I will avoid naming the exact keywords.




Wait! Its not enough i got something really better than this.

Pro Tip: You just need to put an underscore (“_”) before starting a keyword and it will show you all the words before your keyword.




You can use this underscore (“_”) at the end of the keyword too.

#2. Video Keywords

Secondly there are typical video keywords.

Your minds still might be at:

“What are these Video Keywords?�?

Right ! Wait, Let me clear this…

When we search some keywords in a search engine like Google, we usually get websites in SERPs.

But you may have noticed that sometimes you get videos in search results, more than simply written content.

These searches are “Video Keywords.�?

Not clear yet? Take a look at this:




Can You Guess a few Video Keywords?

Try to do some experiments with below mentioned info:

In general, Google tends to display video results for these types of keywords:

  • Keywords starting with “How To.�?
  • Reviews
  • Tutorials
  • Keywords with the word “Video.�?
  • Songs/Movies
  • Watch

Next is totally on your end.

I mean do experiments while using above mentioned words along with your niche to make some video keywords.


You can use keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, MOZ Keyword Explorer or any other you usually use to explore relevant keywords.

Filter your video keywords from the list you generate by using different tools, and then you may inspect every single keyword in google to find if that’s actually a video keyword or not.

Now, you know the both methods to find the perfect keywords for your Videos.

Which can be ranked on Google and YouTube too.

Next is a cool addition.

#3. Google Trends


Google Trends Tool is simple and contains tons of information to set-up our efficient predictions about user intention.

I hope you all know that:

User intention of a keyword is the real game.

So I would say, go as deep as you can to predict user’s intention before starting any type of SEO or internet marketing work.

All level up SEOs know that finding user’s intention of a keyword is lot more important than looking for its search volume.

Now the thing is how to play with that thing?

Its quite simple just explore any term/keyword and change the search type from “Web Search” to “YouTube Search”.

Here is the graphic for clear understanding:


It shows either people on YouTube have any interest in your search term or not. Simply stating if it’s a video keyword or just another written content friendly term.



These displays are clearly indicating that “smart watch” is a web content friendly keyword while “How to tie a tie” is a pure video keyword.

You can verify all your video keywords collected in the previous step.

Caution: Make sure, use trends to explore one term at a time for better results. Don’t do comparison like i have displayed. There is a kind of bug in trend graphs when we explore multiple keywords in a single screen. I am going to make a detailed report to Google for this.

And there is a lot more in trends…

You can try exploring your keywords for different locations, try changing location from “World Wide” to “(Any where you want)”.

Take a look at this:


It will show you either your target audience have any kind of interest in your topic or not.




In this one, you can see interest breakup of audience from different locations.

That keyword will attract more visitors from Canada & USA as compared to any other region.

And what about if you want to know more about your target audience.

Same like above two processes, now its time to change category to figure out what type of audience is more interested in your target keyword.




Try checking and comparing results with different options and i am sure your keywords research techniques will level up automatically.

Let’s move to our next chapter.

Chapter #2: Create Perfect Videos

How do you describe a perfect video in your words?


According to me, if i may creatively define a Perfect Video for YouTube:

It is nothing more than a user engaging video with extreme relevancy.

I know there are a lots of other things like video quality, run-time and all that stuff.

But all these things are second priority and can be done like with a push button.

Hope you’ve understood how to go with your video making.

Now why do you need a perfect video?

I don’t think i still need to answer this question, but only for you guys…

Because “User Experience” is everything.

If your viewer is happy with your video content then trust me no one can stop you to be on 1st spot.

OK. I will be honest with you here.

You can do as I did by generating an Animoto video to make an easy buck.

If you don’t know what Animoto is, check out the video below:

It’s free and you can generate a cool video including text and images.

I wish I could show you my animoto video, but I really don’t want to lose the income.

I know incomevoice readers are honest, but still I don’t want to risk.

Anytime I share my profitable video, somehow it goes down.

The above option is for new marketers.

But you will make more if you could record a screen capture video with your own voice.

Just like this:

You don’t have to show your face if you don’t want to.

Honest review that was made by a human being goes a long way.

I will be doing a ton of videos like this in the future.

Chapter #3: Video Optimization

We need to do somewhat about same things for our video to optimize it for YouTube.

These are very very simple things which need to be done.

Let me show you one by one.

Change the name of the video to your keyword, by simply doing right click on the video and using “Rename�? option.Then go to the properties, again by just doing right click and reaching “properties�? on the menu.Now go to the “Details�? tab and fill all the boxes with the name of your video.


#1. Video Title

The first and foremost signal for YouTube to check whats your video is all about, is the title of your video.

A major factor for YouTube SEO.

What to do with this?

  • Include your keyword once in your title
  • Try to use attractive title.

By using attractive title you can get maximum Click Through Rate (CTR).

#2. Video Description

Time to tell a little more about the video as YouTube is too dumb to look whats inside.

Yes! YouTube can’t see what’s inside your Video.

To give better understand of the video and its content to YouTube we use description.

In the description, I usually like to:

  • Write at least 200 words of unique & descriptive explanation. I like to summarize what the video is about (don’t ever stuff it with your target keyword).
  • Add some external links to websites and social profiles.

This can help you to get your Video Featured in “YouTube Suggested Videos”.

This is your video’s communication with the search engine.

I should better say “conversation” with YouTube’s search algorithm.

#3. Video Tags

I usually want to laugh when someone says tags have nothing to do with ranking a video.

Video Tags are relevancy signals for YouTube.

And remember, i have mentioned earlier that relevancy is one the major consideration while creating perfect video for YouTube.

Wouldn’t it be crazy that you upload a video and ask YouTube.

“Hello Miss YouTube….! I have uploaded a video now its your turn to figure out what exactly it relates to. ???? ”

Well, that was a joke’s part but still making a clear sense.

Its a kind of hurdle you need to get rid of. Do use cool and relevant tags.

They are used for Classification.

We can explore two different ways to find tags quickly…

1. Own Tags

Just like the name of this heading suggests, you have to find tags for your video on your own.

Let me give you an example:

You have a video related to “YouTube SEO” and you want to add some tags.

Firstly you can brainstorm on your own to think of some relevant keywords like “Video Ranking”, “How to Rank YouTube Videos”, “SEO for YouTube Videos” and “Ranking YouTube Videos” etc.

Secondly you can use Google suggest & YouTube suggest for this.

Let the search engines help you out.


Simple! Put your main keyword in search box and it will show you long tail keywords.

You can also use my (“_”) sign trick for more suggestion.

By doing this you’ll have some good amount of tags related your video.

2. Competitor’s Tags

Don’t know how you gonna consider this heading. I mean isn’t it a kind of stealing.

Well at least I can say tags are not copy-righted. It is more like spying than stealing.

Anyway lets look into the method as we are  looking forward to grab some cool video tags.

In this, we have to steal the tags of our Competitor who promote HostGator as well.

But How?

Here is quick walk through:

  1. Install TubeBuddy Chrome Extension.
  2. Type your main keyword into YouTube search.
  3. Click on top 5 ranked videos
  4. Click “tags�? in TubeBuddy to view competitor tags
  5. Copy and paste these into your video’s tag place.

Isn’t it too easy?

#4. Video Thumbnail

In case you don’t know what it is:

Thumbnail is the display picture of your video.

The more engaging and attractive it is, better are the chances for the user to click on it.

So, do some experiments to create most attractive thumbnail for your video.

This can help you to get Awesome CTR.

And who can deny???

High CTR = Higher Ranking

It is also a strong user engagement signal for your video.

You can use these tools to create eye catching thumbnails.

  1. Photoshop
  2. Canva

This chapter was a little like On Page SEO which is done if you’ve understood these things.

OK, now that you’ve got your video uploaded, this is where the real stuff begins.

Most people will leave a video like this and expect for views and income to somehow magically appear.

Well, in my opinion video promotion and link building is one of the most important things.

Chapter #4: Video Promotion

Well, YouTube SEO is incomplete without Video Promotion.

Do you really think writing a complete chapter about YouTube Video Promotion is a fare trade?

I mean is it really that important?

Yes it is equally important as any of other chapters of this perfect guide.

YouTube SEO is incomplete without it.

And i don’t want to say anything more in its favor.

Just consider it and plan your video promotions even before posting on YouTube.

One more thing as soon as you start promotions, it becomes a ranking signal for your videos.

Simple Like:

Video Promotion = Social Sharing = Higher Ranking

Okay now?

I hope you know a lot about how to do promotion.

But who cares, as i am still going to write each and everything in my way.

Here is how and where to promote:

1. Attack Facebook Pages & Groups

I don’t really mean to hack Facebook or anything like that.

You can promote your videos on Facebook.


If you are thinking about Facebook Pages & Groups, you are damn right.

Like if you’re publishing a video on Subway Surfer Game, then you can search for Subway Surfer’s pages and groups.


Its soo simple!

Just look at the picture below:



You can promote your video by commenting on the page.




Pro Tip: Use Attractive Taglines and Thumbnail for better CTR and Good Traffic.

Same method stands applicable for Facebook Groups even.




You can post your video links in Groups.

But make sure to avoid spamming at any cost!

Up  next is Reddit…

2. Reddit Gives You Premium Viewers

This is something HUGE…

Reddit is a social network, full of people from Premium Countries like USA.

Don’t tell me that you don’t know the value of traffic from US.

You just need to increase your Reddit Link Karma and then post your videos in Sub-Reddit.




What is Sub-Reddit?

It is same like a Facebook Group.

You’ll get very good traffic from Reddit. One of my all time favorite social websites.

3. Google+ Gives a traffic boost

Oh Yeah! Google+ is very good source to get traffic.

You need to find related Google Plus Communities and post your video link but again taking serious care to avoid spamming.




Well, you can use Twitter too. But I don’t use twitter that much so let me know if you’ve had a good experience with that as well.

TIP: Try to keep your video attractive as much as possible depending upon your topic. You can do research to develop informative videos with good amount of curiosity and that will surely increase user engagement level of your videos.

In other words.

Success of video promotion is directly proportional to its engagement and attractiveness.

Now lets move to somewhat YouTube Off Page SEO.

Chapter #6: Video Ranking

Lets get to link building of our videos just like we do off page SEO of our web page.

That’s why i often call it “YouTube Off Page SEO”.

And how you can build links for your videos?

Once again it is something like you already know how to do, but not doing it yet.

Yes…! You’d agree if i say “We often know a lot, but don’t try much.” I can bet, you can learn a lot by trying different things you know.

Anyway, here is the deal:

1. Web 2.0 Video Embedding

I’ve tested this method on my videos.

And It really works well.

You just need to create a web 2.0, then do a post and embed your video there.

Isn’t it a butter’s bite.

Example? Ah Yeah! Here it is:

But why this works?

Because Embedding YouTube Video is one of the most important ranking factor in YouTube algorithm.

2. Forum Commenting

Just like we use to do Blog Commenting for SEO, we can do forum commenting to rank our YouTube Videos.

Simply reach out some relevant forums and then search for your topical threads.

After that leave a normal comment there with your YouTube video embed.

Here is a perfect example.

3. Video Embeds By Outreach

I don’t know why i feel like you haven’t tried this method yet as well.


Because it’s about reaching out video embed-ders.

But first let me tell you “Who are Video Embed-ders?”

These are the people who have published content related to your video, on their websites.

This is the best way to get contextual video embedded links.

But how can you do this?

Here is the deal.

If you can remind, in Chapter #2 I showed you a video of Arvind Rana. Which is about Google Assistant.

You just need to search for articles related to Google Assistant.


You can use these queries:

intitle:”Google Assistant”andinurl:”Google Assistant”

This query will show you all the posts which are on “Google Assistant”.

Just open the site, get their contact details and send them a mail.

Want my E-Mail template which I used?

Hello [Author Name],How you doing buddy? I just read your Article [Article Title].And it is more than Awesome.But I think there should be a little more to make it outstanding.…

What can be better than a YouTube Video!

Well, I just wanna share that I’ve made a Video on same topic.

And i’d feel great if you wanna embed it in your post.

Here is the link: [Video Link]

Feel free to ping me anytime.

With Kind Regards:
[Your Name]


4. Quora Solves the Problems

Having trouble with anything?

You can give a quick try to Quora, and the community will get back to you with the best answer to your question most of the time.

If you don’t have any idea, Quora is a question & answers related social community.

But how this can be useful for your videos?

If you are developing videos with answer to some very important questions, which might be a trend on Quora as well.

It can be used for ranking as well as for traffic.

You can embed your videos on Quora.

You just need to search for your Video Relevant Topics on that platform.

Find some questions and answer them with an embedded video.

Here is the perfect example:




You know why I’ve mentioned this?

Google Knowledge Graphs show the direct answers of questions.

Any I’ve seen many knowledge graphs of Quora and also seen the videos which have been embedded with answers.

Think it’s too much for you to rank any video in YouTube.

Now don’t tell me you’ve applied all these things and still waiting for ranking.

Because i am sure, if you’ll work hard you’ll surely be successful.

Let’s wrap it up now.

Wrapping it up

That was a compact share about YouTube SEO.

Hope you’ve improved your knowledge.

This is exactly what I did for my HostGator video.

But you can use this information for almost any video you want.


Conclusion of $$ Case Study:

Do not underestimate the power of video marketing.

Choosing an evergreen affiliate offer is very important.

You won’t be needing to scratch your head when the offer expires or shuts down.

HostGator has been for years now and there are super affiliate who make a pure living just by promoting HostGator alone.

I hope this case study show you how it is easy to earn money with affiliate marketing by use of video marketing effortlessly ???? Go ahead and try this and let me inform how it worked out for you!

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