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Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon Feature On Veggie Show

In the second series debut of Mary McCartney Cooks It Up, Oprah Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon learn some iconic meatless classics View Original Source

Startup New Culture Raises $25 Million to “Make Cow Cheese

San Francisco-based startup New Culture will use the $25 million to get its melty vegan “cow cheese without the cow” on pizzeria menus next...

The best vegan restaurants in Miami

What are the best vegan restaurants in Miami? In Miami, there is a wide range of vegan restaurants that serve delicious meat-free menus. View...

Why America’s Favorite Holiday Turns So Many People Vegan

What do the 50 million turkeys killed for Thanksgiving dinner say about our ethics? Here’s why so many people go vegan on America’s favorite...

The best vegan cereal brands in 2022

Are you trying to figure out which vegan cereal brands are the best? This write up is exclusively a treat for you. View Original...

Geltor Announces New Vegan Collagen Brand With Crushed Tonic Founder

Geltor announces a partnership with beauty and wellness entrepreneur and author Sally Olivia Kim for the launch of a line of vegan DTC biodesigned...

Finnish Fox Farms Supplying Harrods Found To Be ‘Shameful’

Animal rights organizations uncovered 'truly depressing' findings on accredited Finland fox fur farms supplying Harrods and Fendi View Original Source

Christmas Countdown: 13 Vegan Advent Calendars for 24 Days of

Countdown the days until Christmas with these vegan advent calendars! From silky vegan white chocolate to cruelty-free beauty and even toys, there’s a calendar...

Vegan in the Freezer releases map showing the most popular

By monitoring over 200,000 tweets, the vegan blog and recipe  has put together a map showing each state's most popular vegan food brand. View...

Vegan Winter Squash Al Pastor with Charred Poblano Cashew Cream

A complex al pastor marinade of achiote, dried chiles, and garlic, is used to flavor hefty slices of winter squash that’s chargrilled to perfection.  ...

Vegan Chickpea Omelette

Today I show you how to make the best vegan omelette ever! This quick and easy no oil omelette recipe is so easy to make...

Three Easy Gluten Free Vegan Filipino Dessert Recipes

Welcome back to I PINK IT! I've been getting so much love from all of you in the Philippines that I was crushed I couldn't...

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