‘I went vegan to hide my eating disorder’

Veganuary, vegan burgers, vegan trainers – veganism is definitely having a moment. And a well-planned vegan diet can support healthy living in people of all ages, according to the British Dietetic Association.
But for Rebecca Hills, 20, going vegan wasn’t about ‘ethics’ and ‘healthy eating’, like she told people. It was to cover up her eating disorder.
“In the back of my mind I was thinking that veganism would be a really good way to lose weight.”
The charity Beat Eating Disorders believes Rebecca may not be alone: “Some people may use veganism or vegetarianism to conceal their eating disorder, as it becomes socially acceptable to follow a restrictive diet.”
If you are affected by the issues in this film, help is available. Head to BBC Actionline (https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/2DRkg4JC7SLT3B7hlrn6DKN/information-and-support-eating-disorders) for a list of organisations you can contact.
UK viewers can hear more of Rebecca’s story on BBC Radio 5 Live Investigates at 11.00GMT on Sunday 10 February. Catch up on BBC Sounds.

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