Ariana Grande-Inspired Vegan Dishes For Thanksgiving!

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It’s that time of year again! Time to pull out the stretchy pants in preparation for the diary free green bean casserole, the cranberry sauce, the rolls — so many rolls — and the TO-Furkey! Yes, the vegan turkey! It’s time for a Very Vegan Thanksgiving!
What’s up guys, I’m Drew Dorsey with Clevver News and believe it or not, many of your favorite celebs will be celebrating Thanksgiving vegan style. But that doesn’t mean they’re missing out, oh no! So in case you’re newly vegan and need Thanksgiving dinner inspo. here’s how Beyonce, Ariana Grande and more celebs totally rock Vegan Thanksgiving. Let’s start with one of Hollywood’s most enthusiastic vegans, Miley Cyrus! The 26 year old singer has been vegan for several years, explaining that she changed her lifestyle because she was so attached to her pets! Specifically her pet blowfish and pet pig. So Miley decided she could no longer eat any animals. And like we said, the singer is VERY enthusiastic about her vegan lifestyle. A couple years back she even tweeted this meme from “Friends” about how having turkey is murder. She wrote #Vegan.And last year, while still together with her now ex husband Liam Hemsworth, also a vegan, Miley brought the ToFurkey and other vegan dishes to her family’s traditional southern Thanksgiving feast. This year, we bet Miley will be hanging with her new boo, Cody Simpson, and we’re sure he won’t mind digging into some vegan dishes. The actor has been a spokesperson for PETA, speaking out against animal cruelty. And Peta is close to the singer’s heart too! She’s even got a PETA tattoo.You know…. Their shared love for animals could be the reason Miley and Cody are a match made in heaven!Another celeb couple who will likely be carving into a Tofurkey is Beyonce and Jay Z — especially this year! The music power couple have dabbled in the plant-based lifestyle for years, although Beyonce told the NY Times in 2015, she’s not strictly vegan. BUT, Bey and her longtime nutritionist launched a vegan meal delivery service in 2014 and this year, the pair made major headlines this year with the 22 Days Challenge. The plant-based diet was featured in her Netflix documentary, “Homecoming,” as the way Beyonce got her body back into performance shape after giving birth to twins, Rumi and Sir.Also this year, The Carters announced a contest where Bey and Jay offered the chance to win concert tickets for LIFE! The contest was sponsored by 22 Days Nutrition to promote The Greenpoint Project, which encourages people to adopt a plant-based lifestyle. No surprise here… fans happily gave The Greenpoint Project their email addresses for a chance to win, which inevitably means their little inboxes are now filled with vegan info! So we’d be REAL surprised if Mom and Dad didn’t stick to the plan this Thanksgiving! Luckily, Bey’s nutritionists has some great vegan recipes featured on the 22 Days Nutrition website, including pumpkin sage risotto, roasted brussel sprouts, and pumpkin pie tarts — can’t forget the dessert! Speaking of food… Ariana Grande and her friend Mitch Grassi have a favorite vegan dish for Thanksgiving. In 2014, she wrote on Twitter, Cooking vegan thanksgiving recipes with my friends all day. happy. quote of the day so far “omg I love cabbage, bitch!” Sadly, last year’s holiday was a somber one for the 26 year old singer. On Thanksgiving day, Ari shared a picture with Mac Miller, who passed away from a drug related incident just months earlier in Sept of 2018. In the pic, Ariana and Mac are snuggled together celebrating. She originally captioned the photo, “a pie.” When she reposted it, she wrote, “You’re very missed.”Here’s hoping this Thanksgiving is a little easier on Ariana. Another family who has celebrated Thanksgiving vegan style is the Smiths — and Jada Pinkett Smith was so excited about the meatless holiday feast last year, she posted this Thanksgiving video by vegan rapper, Grey, on Instagram. Jada agreed with all the delicious food options writing: We’ll be serving some of that Thanksgiving #PlantBasedDrip this year! And we don’t expect 2019 to be much different considering the entire Smith family has become more conscious of what they eat, even Will!

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