Dying My Hair Pink! 100% Vegan Product Maria Nila v

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Today I “dyed” my hair using color depositing shampoo! I have been wanting to change up my hair and considering right now going to the salon is not an option I wanted to do something fun and try these shampoos. Also, if it came out bad, no worries, I am not seeing anyone anyway! First I used the Celeb Luxury Viral Shampoo in Pastel Pink, I liked how it gave a subtle pink but it washed out very quickly. Like I mentioned in the video, I am not sure if it was my fault or if it was the product. I also tried Maria Nila Colour Refresh in Pink Pop. It is more of a Masque that you apply to your hair and its completely vegan, sulfate, and paraben-free! I really appreciated that in the product and I felt much better using the Maria Nila one over the Viral one. They are roughly the same price, so it is just based on your preference! Linked below is the product information, also follow me on my Instagram @juliacostanzomakeup

Maria Nila Colour Refresh Pink Pop $31

Celeb Luxury Viral Shampoo Pastel Pink $35

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