Former celebrity vegans now thriving on a carnivore diet! Alyse

These two are truly amazing individuals!

Alyse is a former raw vegan who gathered a following of over 1 million people on YouTube and Instagram by sharing her message of positivity and self love. She received significant criticism from the vegan community earlier this year when she announced that she had begun eating meat and felt much better because of it! She is now thriving on a carnivore-ish diet and was recently featured on Good Morning America telling her story.

Tim is a world champion parkour (free running) athlete who experienced significant decline in his health after eating a vegan diet for 6 years, and has similarly found much better health since including meat in his diet. He was filmed for the Game Changers movie but asked to be taken out after his health suffered. Can we please get James Wilks to comment on that???

And here’s my take on the whole thing: sure seems like vegans are the closest thing to true cannibals these days! They’ve done nothing but criticize these two for speaking thier truth!
Time Stamps
10:03: Start of Podcast.
10:53 Alyse’s story.
13:26 What drew Alyse to a vegan diet.
17:28 Is there a misrepresentation of health in the vegan community?
22:13 What was Alyse’s diet before going vegan?
24:03 Why do Vegan diets work at first?
26:58 What caused Alyse’s gut problems?
27:58 Teeth health on a vegan diet.
29:28 Tim’s story.
33:43 What sports did Tim play?
38:38 The Game Changers
44:03 Sexual Health
45:16 Backlash after stopping veganism.
47:13 Why is there a backlash?
49:03 What is the ethos of the vegan community?
55:33 Bees and honey.
57:53 What does Alyse eat?
59:33 Changes since incorporating animal foods.
1:02:33 Is the carnivore diet boring?
1:12:08 Where to find Alyse.
1:12:23 What does Tim eat?
1:20:53 Where to find Tim.
1:21:33 What is the most radical thing Tim has done recently?

Alyse contact info:
Ig/twitter: @alyseparkerr
Tim contact info:
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